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What to Expect During the Teething Process From Our Locust NC Pediatric Dentist

The teething process can be a difficult one for most families to cope with. The persistent crying and unhappiness of an infant when their first teeth are pushing through can be stressful for a parent. Teething is a painful time for infants as their first set of teeth erupts through the gum line. Pediatric dentists near me can assist with handling the problems associated with the teething process.

What is Teething?

Our pediatric dentists near Shelby NC explain the teething process is hard to cope with when it causes sleepless nights. Some infants are born with teeth already breaking through the gum line, while others are born with none. A local kids dentist will help families understand the teething process is a natural one, that takes place over the first years of life.

How to Handle the Teething Process

There are five stages of teething that last from birth through to the third year of life. A local kids dentist explains there are some ways of comforting a child when they are affected by the teething process. Infants affected by teething can be given a baby bottle filled with water to help relieve pain. Teething rings are an option our pediatric dentists near Shelby NC recommend for providing comfort. As the body of an infant copes with the teething process, it will produce saliva. By regularly providing a clean bib for an infant, our local kids dentist reports skin irritation can be avoided.

Comfort your Child

Concentrating on handling the symptoms of teething is a good starting point but not the only option. Instead, pediatric dentists near me recommend the use of warm baths to provide comfort for an infant.

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