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Our Locust Pediatric Dentist Lists Reasons You May Need a Dental Crown

Adults are not the only ones who may need a crown. Children may also be good candidates for crowns. There are several reasons that dentists for teens in Shelby NC may recommend crowns.

Severe Decay

A filling can fix a small cavity. However, if the cavity is big, then your child may need a dental crown. The crown can help strengthen the tooth and prevent it from suffering any more decay.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Local pediatric dentists may recommend a dental crown if you have cracked or chipped teeth. Chips and cracks can make it a lot harder for your child to chew. It will also be easier for food particles to get in between the teeth. A crown can prevent the tooth from cracking any further.

Protect the Tooth

Many people believe that baby teeth are not important because your child will eventually lose them. However, baby teeth hold the place for the permanent teeth. If your child has problems with their baby tooth, then they may also have problems with their permanent teeth. Local pediatric dentists may recommend crowns to protect your child’s baby teeth.

Benefits of Crowns

It is simple for dentists for teens in Shelby NC to place a crown. It is a lot easier than getting wisdom teeth removal. A crown can also help alleviate pain. Additionally, a crown can restore the appearance of the tooth.

Crowns are designed to last for several years. In fact, they can last for up to 15 years.

If your child needs a crown or wisdom teeth removal, then you can contact us and make an appointment.